Saturday, July 23

He came bearing gifts..

Before Gray arrived he wanted to make sure that he started out right with his big brother and big sister... so big "happys" were in order! He somehow convinced Mommy that new outdoor furniture was just the thing! ;) So a new picnic table and sandbox were purchased months ago and hid inside Goo Goo's shed until closer to time. We went and picked them up the weekend before Gray arrived. Since we had to put the new furniture together, Chris decided that he was also going to build a new deck for their playhouse to sit on. So, he and his Dad spent all day getting the wood and building the deck. Then we started on the furniture! It all looks so adorable and is VERY well made!! Much better than anything plastic. I am so happy with them and I think the kiddos LOVE them!! Gray did SO good! ;)

I've been eyeing some adirondak chairs for forever and I think I'm going to have to get some for that deck now!! As well as some flowers for the boxes!

They have had so much fun playing with their new goodies! Unfortunately it's been WAY too hot since Gray arrived for them to REALLY enjoy it, but hopefully it will cool off a little soon. Memphis has had heat index's up too 115 degrees lately! :( Not fun!! None the less, they sure do look cute sitting in the backyard, waiting for someone to be able to play with them! :)


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