Friday, July 29

LK and E

Lately I've been giving all my blog attention to Gray, so I decided to give an entire post to LK and E! They've been such amazing siblings and helpers.. and already love their Baby Brother so much! I am such a luckly Mom to be able to call them MINE! :)

Funny story behind these crazy socks.... I atcually purchased the at Target with the intentions of making a sock monkey for Gray. I made LK and E sock monkeys a few years ago. Well, E found them in my room and came running down the hallway like this! He has now claimed them for himself and, honestly, it's too funny to see him like this to take them from him. :) Looks like Gray will have to wait on the sock monkey!

WAY.TOO.OLD!!!! Look at those feathers!!! Yes, I gave in and let her get feathers!

Now that Gray is here, Ethan suddenly looks SO BIG to me!!! No longer my baby!


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