Monday, July 25

Life with 3

Life is somewhat returning to normal around here. Gray just seems to get bigger each and every day. LK and E are about over all the new excitment! ha! E went back to his summer program at school last week and LK has enjoyed a little "Mommy & Me" time. (well, I say he went back.. he went 2 days! lol!) We really haven't been doing much though b/c it's so extremely HOT outside lately.. so movies and arts & crafts have kept us busy indoors. Today I even made them sit down and do a few pages in some educational workbooks! (yes.. i am THAT mother! ha!)

Gray is finally able to take an actual bath and the kids couldn't be more excited. They are such incredible helpers!!

He was NOT very happy about his first bath!! (and this one was only a sponge bath!)

Big Brother was there to help ease the stress a little!
Although.. he didn't really like all the crying!
OH.. that pitiful face!!
All was better once Daddy had him all wrapped up!

Big Helper #2!

The visitors have slowed down a little.. although, there's still a few important people who need to meet the sweet boy. April and her girls stopped by one day last week and got to love on Gray. Addyson really didn't pay much attention to him, she just wanted to play with LK and E! Abigail couldn't get enough of him though! She was trying so hard to figure out just what exactly he was!

My precious boys.. I am one incredibly lucky lady!

Bath #2!!! A REAL one this time! :) (which he enjoyed MUCH better!!)

Gray also had his 2 week check-up this past week and did so well! He is one healthy boy and is already growing like a weed!

Newborn Stats:
Weight - 8lb 15oz
Length - 21in
Head - 35.5cm

2 Week Stats:
Weight - 9lb 14oz - 67th percentile
Length - 22in - 96th percentile
Head - 38cm - 80th percentile

He wont have to get shots until his next visit.. 2mo. So, I'm sure that will be an entirely different experience!

In other news.. the tooth fairy came to visit The Stickles' House again! LK is now the proud owner of $3 from the TF and another missing front tooth! It had been extremely loose for days.. no, WEEKS.. but she refused to pull it. Daddy finally talked her into pulling it.. Ethan decided to help out though..

Yep.. he got his tools out! BTW - i do NOT recommend letting your 4 yr old go to town on his sister's loose tooth! He got a little giddy and she was NOT happy!

E's first day back to school as a Big Brother!

So.. not much going on! We register for a new school year next week (hopefully! if you live in Memphis you know what I'm referring too!) and we'll get back into a good routine and schedule. (which I am REALLY excited about!!) Although, I say I'm ready for them to go back.. I know I'll get bored at home with Gray all by myself! :(

Well, maybe soon we'll actually do something fun and blog-worthy so I can have a post that is not entirely Gray-related! ;)



p.e.v. said...

such cute pictures, thanks for posting! He is absolutely adorable! So cute that your other kids like to help out!

Natasha said...

your recaps are just hilarious!!! gray is getting so big already...adorable!