Friday, July 22

Meeting Baby Brother

Lilly Kate and Ethan got to meet their new baby brother early the next morning (Thursday). They were SO excited!!
I ordered these adorable shirts off Etsy!! Gray had a matching "baby brother" onesie!

I promise that I'm NOT naked! ha! I had just nursed and still had my cover-up on over my tank top. (just wanted to clarify!) ;)

E was giving Gray the lovie that he bought for him. It's a tiger lovie that matches his giraffe lovie. So sweet!

Big Sister!!! (and she definitely doesn't mind anymore that she got a brother instead of a sister!) ;)

Big Brother!!! He is SO happy that Gray is finally here!

My precious babies! I can not believe that I've been blessed with these 3 AMAZING little people!!

We are now a family of FIVE!


Kathryn Reynolds said...

Your family is precious! Little Gray is definitely giving me baby fever!

Jodi said...

The last picture is precious!

Kristen said...

That is one good looking family!