Sunday, July 31

This Weekend..

we got back to normal in our house. You know.. the usual.. groceries, Target, errands. Baby Gray is a trooper too!

Saturday Gray, Lilly Kate and I went to a family lunch for Brittany's upcoming wedding. We met Debbie, Kyndi, Tiffany, Nana, Ann and Brittany at El Porton for some yummy food and wedding fun. It was nice to get out for a little bit! While we were at lunch, Chris and Ethan enjoyed a boy's day with outings to Bass Pro for a new target so E can play with his bow and arrow and a new sunglasses strap for Chris. They also endulged in some yummy tacos at Swankys. 

After lunch we met the boys at Macys for a few needed items. Then it was home to grill out and watch Rango. LK really enjoyed the movie, but the rest of us didn't seem to like it very much. I had heard very mixed reviews and most of them were right. It was just a bit different and in my opinion, the language was a little much for children. We are all ready for Rio to come out on Tuesday though!!

Gray and I managed to squeeze in a quick nap on Saturday afternoon.

Today, we did our usual grocery and Target shopping. We try to get all our errands taken care of early before it gets too hot. Poor Gray gets SO hot in his car seat! After our errands, the kiddos came home and played outside for a while. Chris' mom had brought over a kiddie pool for the kids and they finally got outside and played with it today..

So, we really didn't do much, but life is definitely back to normal! Now that Gray is only waking up once or twice a night, I am feeling a little more energized and refreshed. Tonight, I have a date with Jillian Michaels and maybe a little Food Network Star! :)


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Terry said...

Cute, cute kids! Love checkin' in on them~