Friday, July 22

More Visitors & Going Home!

The visitors starting arriving very early Thursday morning. And who do you think was Gray's very first visitor??! His incredible Uncle Ricky!! Ricky was at the hospital by 8am and looked like a natural holding another nephew! Another hunting buddy in the making! :)

My mom had the kiddos, so she wasn't far behind RP to meet her sweet new grandbaby! I'm honestly surprised she didn't sneak up to the hospital the night before when he arrived! ;)

My Dad and Grandmother came next and got lots of love from all three kiddos!

Aunt Debbie was next! It was a full house!!

Then Goo Goo!!


G's Blessing Ring

We finally got to go home on Friday. We were SO ready!! Of course, Gray was not very excited about trying out his new car seat!

I was worried that he wasn't going to be able to fit into his day gown. Luckily, he did! I was happy!

He was NOT!

Nana and Papaw came to visit once we got home

Aunt B came the next morning!

We are really enjoying our new life as a family of 5! I will not lie to you though... remember how to care for a newborn after 4 years is not easy!! We have all had to adjust a little and are slowly but surely learning what life with Gray is like. :)

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