Monday, August 15

Our Weekend

This weekend was actually really nice in Memphis. Saturday morning I attempted to get a few outdoor pics of the kiddos. ATTEMPTED is the key word. These days taking pictures of my children is like pulling teeth! Lilly Kate has decided that she just no longer likes taking pictures and complains the ENTIRE time!! This is the child who never met a camera she didn't like.. until now. I think I just burnt her out. Ethan.. well, he's just a typical 4yr old boy. The biggest issue with taking outdoor pics of him is that he's terrified of flying bugs.. mosquitos, bees, dragonflies.. you name it. SO, he just basically screamed everytime a dragonfly flew by.. "BBBBBEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!" It was pure bliss, I assure you!

We tried to get some great sunflower pics, but the awful heat already has them all dried up. I remembered though that they were bailing the hay down the street, so we headed there. And honestly, I like them SO much better!! Everyone in Memphis has taken their child for sunflower pics.. we ventured outside of the box.

I assure you, these are not great pictures... but here you go:

LK refused to open her eyes! I think we got a few keepers though!

On Sunday morning I attended a DSLR camera/photography class. It was great!! I highly recommend that every takes a class to better learn your camera and how to take better photos. I've read several "how to" posts on sites like Pioneer Woman and Momtog, but I'm also more of a "hands on" type of person so a class was perfect! I definitely wont be taking prize winning photos anytime soon, but if I can atleast get a few good shots of the kiddos, that's all I want!! (and I need to convince my husband that the big fancy camera wasn't a complete waste of money! ha!)

Sunday night LK and I headed to her cheerleading practice. They are getting ready for Jamboree next weekend! She is SO excited about cheering and looks adorable practicing all of her cheers. Although, I think Daddy is steadily growing gray hairs the more she grows up!

This week is mine and Gray's first week home by ourselves. I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about how bored I might get! I've tried to plan out something to do everyday to keep me busy. Today, we went grocery shopping and I was THAT mom with the screaming newborn! Apparently Gray is not a big fan of Kroger! The positive of that situation is that I stuck strictly to the list and tried to hurry as much as possible and spent WAY less money than usual! Needless to say, Chris informed me that from now on I could only go shopping with a cranky baby! haha! We are also enjoying this fabulous weather!!! We woke up to 70 degrees this morning!!!! Unbelievable! It's definitely got me ready for fall though... this little teaser just isn't enough. Hopefully it's like this for LK's jamboree on Saturday. Just my luck it will be back up to 100!



Lindsey said...

Sweet friend- These pics are great! I MUST ask about your camera. I've been on the hunt for just the right dSLR. Think: reading endless reviews. What kind do you have, do you like, and where did you go for photo class?

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

Hello ma'am! I hope you're enjoying your first few weeks back to school!

I have a Nikon D3100. I LOVE it! I'll email you links for the class... very informative.