Tuesday, August 9

Party and Pictures

We had such a fun weekend and got to spend time with friends we haven't seen in a while! It was nice to get out of the house!! Friday was a crazy day, but I'll post about that later. I did get a sweet "happy" on Friday though.. these were delivered late that afternoon..

I was at a loss as to whom they could be from and then I read the note..

Yes.. this girl has the most amazing husband in the world!

We're starting to get Gray on a schedule, but he still sleeps alot during the day. We're working on that! I couldn't help but snap a few pics of him though.. he looks like a little Bhudda Baby! ha!

My Babies!

Saturday we cleaned up around the house and did yard work. After lunch and naps, it was time to get ready for Addyson's birthday party. It has been a few weeks since we'd seen The Caldwell's, so we were all excited!

I sure do love my boys..

.. and their sister! :)

The party was a huge success!! April did a great job! It was a paint-a-piece themed party and all the kiddos had a great time. Much to our surprise, it made very little mess too! I think we were all expecting paint everywhere. Thankfully April bought Crayola washable paint, just in case! It was extremely hot but everyone managed to survive the heat. Chris and I took turns staying inside with Gray. I think Addyson had a wonderful birthday!

Addyson decided that she wanted a pinata. Boy, did her grandpa deliver.. it was seriously the biggest pinata that I've ever seen!!

Addy loved the sweet little dress that we got for her!

 The kiddos said that Gray looked like a Smurf after his bath.. they were right! :)

Sunday morning, Candice came over bright and early to take Gray's newborn pictures. We also got some family pics. I say "newborn" b/c he is one.. but he was seriously almost too big to fit into any of her props!! It was hilarious! I can not wait to see what all she managed to get!! I know that they're going to be incredible. Hopefully she'll have a few ready soon and I'll share them!

Tate behind the scenes!

Other than pictures and Addy's party, we really didn't do much. It was WAY too hot to do much and I'm still trying to make sure that Gray stays on a schedule so he'll become accustomed to it.

And one last picture of the little man to make you smile.. he fits into his big boy pajamas!!



Sarah said...

That is just the sweetest thing ever!! What a good hubby! :)

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

I think I'll keep him around for a while! ;) Thanks Sarah!