Thursday, August 18

Back to School!

LK and E have headed back to school for the fall!! I am SO excited! I dont know about your kiddos, but if they're anything like mine then they were ready to throw each other off Captain Hook's plank around mid-July!! They were at each other's throats EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I kept telling myself that everyone's kiddos were like this and that it was just an "age" thing. But let's face it.. it's only going to get worse as we head into the teenage years! YIKES! We were all ready for them to start back. We all spent WAY too much time together this summer.

So.. we got registered. We bought school supplies. We got new uniforms. We bought new backpacks and lunch boxes (a must have for a new year!) and we WENT TO SCHOOL! LK started last week and E started full time this week. Gray and I spent our days alone.. with no chaos, no drama, and no yelling! It was as if the skies opened up and the angels were singing HALLELUJAH!! Dont get me wrong.. I love my kiddos and I have missed them this week, but sometimes Mommy needs a mental break!  :)



Now, I wont lie... GETTING to school has been interesting this week! ha! Trying to cooordinate our drop off schedule with Gray's feeding schedule has been difficult. BUT everyone has made it.. and ON time! Maybe like within 1 min of being late, but on time none the less! :)

Luckily, LK has found that she likes to eat breakfast at school so she can hang out with her friends, so that gives us a little more time to feed G and get Ethan ready for school. By the time G and I get home.. I am already exhausted! Oh the life of a mom! :) Thankfully we have ALL year to get our routine together! (and it'll probably take us that long! haha!)


Natasha said...

this stressed me out just reading it...way to go supermom, you've got this schedule thing down!

The Byingtons said...

I think the kids probably need the mental break to be with their friends too! You are such a supermom and they are adorable!!!