Friday, August 19

Just when you think you can relax a little..

Well, Tuesday evening quickly went from ordinary to chaotic very quickly!! Chris came home from work and took over watching the kiddos and cooking dinner. I had had a rough day with Gray and was exhausted. I went into the bedroom to rest, when Chris came running in telling me to look at Ethan's ear. I was shocked when I realized that he was bleeding in his ear canal! And not just a little.. ALOT! I went into panic mode and immediately jumped in the car to head to LeBonheur! All I could imagine was that his ear drum had busted or he had put something in his ear and it was stuck. Either way, all that blood from his ear couldn't be good!

Once we got to LeBonheur, they rushed us back pretty quickly. (Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks a bleeding ear is unusual and could be serious!) The doctor came in right away and examined him, then checked the ear. Luckily, there was nothing lodged in his ear and his ear drum looked normal. It seems that he may have stuck something in his ear and scratch the inside of his ear canal. SO.. emergency adverted! We were sent home with ear drops to keep infection away and orders to clean it out quite a bit. We have a follow up with our Pediatrician at the beginning of next week.

Talk about a heart-stopper! I was SO worried about him!!

He stayed home on Wednesday and I was sure to keep a close eye on him ... JUST in case! ;) So.. I put aside all housework and planned errands for that day and did whatever he wanted me too. I quickly found out that meant that I would be building pirate ships and bat caves.. and making pudding pops!

Our fist activity was the pirate ship. I had bought this foam kit a while back and he had been itching to build it. Just FYI - when it says that white school glue will hold the foam pieces together.. it LIES! HA! Maybe it does.. but with the lack of patience of a 4 year old and his mother who it trying to hurry the process along before a 6 week old wakes up.. IT DOES NOT WORK! I had to break out the glue gun! But.. we got it built and he loved doing it!!

He was quite proud of it! I was very proud of us too! :)

Next up was the batcave! Chris usually builds this with him so I was defnitely outof my element. Not to mention that the instructions were no where to be found so I had to use my ultimate imagination to figure out what in the world Batman's cave looks like!!! (and have it up to Ethan's standards!)

My masterpiece! I am officially supermom!! ;)

Ethan was a happy boy and we had a great day!

And the ear?? It's doing great!! We're still cleaning and doing the drops, but he seems just fine! He still claims that he didn't put anything in his ear, but the jury is still out on that one! ;)

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