Wednesday, August 3

Beat the HEAT!

Today is officially the hottest day of the year in Memphis!!

See where is says "Feels liks 114"??!! YIKES!! They are not kidding either! You can barely breathe outside!

Needless to say we are staying inside and NOT leaving! It looks like we have a full week of being stuck indoors. Hopefully we all dont go crazy in the process! I'm already very stir crazy from being home with all 3 kiddos. I'm not used to not being able to just get up and go somewhere.. getting used to a newborn all over again is a little tough! ;)

Yesterday, I registered LK for SECOND grade.. yes... SECOND! (talk about feeling OLD!) After registration we went by Target. My mom was so sweet and bought Gray the cutest little playmat. Gray likes to be held ALL THE TIME, so hopefully this will help occupy him a little so I can do some other things. (we'll see!)

Huck is starting to get a little more used to having a baby around.. he's starting to get very protective of him. I think they'll be great buddies! 

He seemed to like the mat!

It's a good thing that school starts back next week b/c my kiddos are getting extremely bored! Last night, I caught LK reading her book like this..

I guess this makes it more interesting??

Ethan has also become tired of playing with his toys and is now officially obsessed with Angry Birds! We bought Rio last night (which is a REALLY cute movie!!) and got a free code for the Rio version of Angry Birds, so this is what he's done all day today!

He is VERY serious about AB!

And me.. well, when G is sleeping..

I've been embriodering some gifts for a sweet friend of mine!

I still have some burp cloths to finish for her. Then I need to get started on Gray's 3-6mo onesies.. he's already outgrowing his newborn set! Well.. really everything 0-3mo is a little snug!!

Hopefully this heatwave will be over soon!!! I'm just thankful that I'm not pregnant anymore in this terrible heat! We need to get out of this house ASAP!


Rachel Larson said...

Wow. That is so hot for Memphis! I went to school there but from CO and I remember the start of school just knocking me on my pants! G looks so big! Congrats!!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Your embroidering skills are amazing!!!!!!! When I have a baby (don't worry its not any time soon) you are going to be a busy bee again because I'm gonna want it all!! :)