Monday, December 5

Giving Thanks

This year we had a very low key Thanksgiving. Since we have Gray this year, we decided to take it easy and not travel all over town like we normally do. We stayed home that morning and made Star Wars pancakes and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was nice to just relax! We headed to Grams around lunch time for turkey and dressing! It was delish! It was my job to make the casseroles this year, so Chris and I ended up making Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese (DELISH!!) and Green Bean Casserole. I also decided to make Southern Living's Blackberry Cobler. I ended up making two.. one to take to Grandma and Bompa's house and another one for Chris. It's his fave!

Little Man had a great 1st Thanksgiving!! His outfit was precious!

Gray Davis and on of his namesakes.. Uncle David. My grandfather, David, was the youngest of 3 - a girl and then two boys. His son, David, was also the youngest of 3 - one girl and then two boys. My Gray Davis (named after those two Davids) is now the youngest of 3 - one girl and then two boys. And all 3 of them are wild as wild can be!! :)

After lunch at Grams, we headed to Rosemark to visit my Dad and family. We took along the cobbler (which my grandfather ate up! success!), and got to sit and chat with my grandparents and sweet Great Grandma Mae. It was a nice little get together.

I opted out of Black Friday shopping this year. We've been for the past few years and last year even did the Target at midnight thing. I just never really got anything that made it worth my while. I guess my sleep is more important that a few dollars in savings! ;) I consider myself a savvy online shopper anyway, so I usually get just as good deals by researching a little and getting stuff online. I did get out and went to Target mid-day, but just to get some more Christmas tree accessories and hooks for ornaments. I actually ended up getting a few gifts online on Thursday and some more things on Cyber Monday. I am happy to say that besides a few Christmas cards.. I.AM.DONE!!! YAY for getting to relax and enjoy the holiday season!! Now.. just to wrap! We spent the rest of the weekend doing some shopping and relaxing!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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