Monday, December 5

We're getting Holly & Jolly!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas in the Stickles house! WE LOVE CHRISTMAS!! We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and I've been busy decorating ever since. We gave in this year and bought and aritificial tree. We've had real trees for several years and love them. This year though, we came to the conclusion that our house is way too small for a real one and between Huck and Gray, vaccuming up all those pine needles was going to be horrendous! SO.. thanks to Target, we got a gorgeous 71/2ft Virgina Pine. I LOVE it! It was 20x's easier to decorate.

I dont have pictures of the rest of the decorations or the outside of the house, but here's our tree and some of the cutest kiddos you'll ever see! :)

Mr. Claus himself atop the tree!

I just love all the mesh and toppings!

Gray wanted in on the action too! He was amazed by all the lights and colors on the tree!

These two are the best little elves ever! They did a wonderful job on the tree!

My OH My.. my heart melts for those sweet little faces.

And, what tree isn't complete without ELVIS???!!

AND.. Colonel REB??! :)

I'll try to get some more pictures of the rest of the decor this weekend! :)

And here's a few randoms that were on my camera.. ENJOY!

Gman is LOVING his Johnny Jumper and Curious George! (he thinks his sister is pretty awesome too!)

Look at THAT FACE!!! I could just eat it up! (He's starting to look more and more like LK to me! I think it's the cheeks!)

Ok.. now.. this... I really have no words. When we were getting all the tubs down with Christmas stuff and putting away all the Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff, Ethan found one of LK's old Halloween costumes. Now, he is a superhero fanatic. So, when he saw this he immediately wanted to put it on.. not caring one bit that it was for a girl! BUT.. i am SO proud of him for thinking of Wonderwoman as just as cool a superhero as the guys! That's my boy! :)

Too funny!!


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