Saturday, December 3

A New Toy

So.. we have a new toy in our house...

Yep, a violin! LK's school offers lessons to select children and she was picked to participate! (Lucky us!!! - ha! just kidding - kinda) 

She goes 2 days a week during school and has lessons. She is loving it! She's picked it up pretty quickly too! I was a little impressed!

Chris wanted her to show him what she's learning and then decided to try it out for himself.

She didn't think he was very good... at all! ha!

haha! I think we'll leave the violin playing up to LK! :)


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Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

OMG-Just peed a little! I played for years! Love her little taped fingerings! Hope the screeching stays to a minimum!