Monday, December 26

Go Tell It On The Mountain

The week school got out we had Christmas programs and parties galore! Luckily, I was able to make all of them. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to b/c of my “nose issues” (ie: pain and drainage). HA! We started the week with Ethan’s “Polar Express” day at school, which he took the Reindeer cupcake for snack. Then we had his Program and Class party on Thursday. His program was PRECIOUS!! I always look forward to their programs and I always think how just a few years ago, LK was still a little thing up on that stage!


teacher gifts this year.. copco cups, crystal light, and target gift cards! I had intentions of embroidering hand towels too, but that didn’t happen! Maybe all the teachers will get special Valentine’s Day happies! :)


G loved the music!



That’s my little lamb! They sang the sweetest songs… my fave, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”!




He literally stood there, in the FRONT row, with his hands in his pockets.. THE ENTIRE TIME!! Not a single hand motion from this child!! No excitement in his face either! That’s Ethan! He’s SO laid back and nonchalant! Until you bring up superheroes, sports, or Star Wars!! BOYS!





They were adorable!

We also had LK’s program at her school! She even got to do a dance!! She was so excited! I could kick myself though b/c I forgot to take my camera.. so no pics of hers! :( Then she had her class party on Friday afternoon. Fortunately, Chris was home so he took the boys for me. I was happy to be able to devote my time to LK and not have to chase Ethan all over the classroom!

After all the excitement, we were worn out and so ready for a break from school! However, Mommy is SOOO ready for them to go back now! :)

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