Friday, December 2

Ole Miss/LSU

A few Saturdays ago, Chris and I attended the Ole Miss/LSU game with my Uncle Michael! He's a true Ole Miss Alum and their biggest fan! We always have a great time when we go down to Oxford with him. He flew in from Virginia that morning, then we all headed down. We made it to Oxford just in time to do a little "Groving" and mingle with friends. (my favorite part!)

Hanging out in the Grove before the game!

Uncle Michael has the best seats in the house! Row 15, 50 yd line!

Now, I'm sure by now, you've all seen the score of this game. Yes... it was a massacare! But, we expected that! We're getting a entire new althetic staff next year and I've heard that Archie Manning is in charge of finding the new coach. We have high hopes for a quick turn around!

The one thing that I most definitely learned from this game... Make sure to remove ALL the tiny little bottles of Jack Daniels that you snuck into the game from your purse BEFORE taking your children to school on Monday! A 4yr old can make you look like a ragging alcoholic REAL quick!! ;) Just food for thought! (embarrasing doesn't even begin to describe it!) ;)


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Rachel said...

Hahaha I love the last paragraph, so funny and so true...I find airplane bottles in all of my purses now. Sad, huh? I live in Oxford, so I was at this game...had such a great time, even though we got killed. Next time you're groving, you'll have to stop by our tent!