Wednesday, February 22

February Fun!

Last week was full of fun activities! Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and although Chris and I took it very low key, Ethan had BIG plans! Aunt Lynsey came over and took E out on a very special Valentine’s date. Ethan got to go wherever he chose. He ended up choosing Subway, Sweet CeCe’s, and then they came home to play Wii games.

Ethan also got to bring Journal Bear home from school. Each child gets JB for a week and then writes in a class journal about their special week. JB got to tag along on the date! :)


E and his Aunt Lyns

fb1      fb2

SUBWAY!!! His fave!! Doesn’t everyone eat their sandwich like this??!

On Saturday, Ethan did a kids running session with the Memphis Runners Club. They do it every spring and fall, and E just loves it! Usually LK does it too, but she opted out this year. Chris took Ethan, while LK and I cleaned up around the house. I managed to get the kitchen cleaned while Gray napped. When they got home, we all ran a few errands then went by to see Nana and PawPaw. Nan and Pop just returned from Florida, where they got for a few weeks every January and August.

After Nan and Pop’s, we went into Cordova to eat some YUMMY Abners!!! We LOVE Abners! Seriously, I think Ethan may attend Ole Miss for the chicken fingers alone! ;)


JB got to tag along for dinner too!

Sunday morning started off Mickey Mouse pancakes! With only a week and a half to go, everyone is getting in the Disney spirit!!

photo 2

After breakfast, we all split ways. The boys went to go see Star Wars 3D, while LK and I spent the day shopping! We met up with my mom and grandmother and made a day of it. LK had about 5 Target gift cards from her birthday that she was dying to spend. I also had a few things to get to finish up our Disney necessities. We had a GREAT time!!! We treated Grams and Mom to lunch and LK got to spend all of her gift card and birthday money.


Ethan and JB at the movies.

photo 1

Me and my Girl shopping!

Yesterday, we went to Nana and PawPaw’s to play with the cousins. Kyndi, Michael, and their kiddos are in town visiting from NYC. So, all the kiddos got together to play. Later that evening, we went back over for dinner with the entire family. It was great to see everyone!!

This week, we are trying to get everything finished up for Disney World. Every time I think my list is dwindling down, it just fills back up!

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