Wednesday, February 22

Photo - Days 15-22

Here I go again.. catching up! Enjoy!!

Day 15: phone

my lovely iPhone.

Day 16: something new

Gray's teacher and one of my sweetest friends, sent me all of her boys' hand-me-downs boutique smocked goods!!!! YAY!!! Seriously. Enough for the entire summer! There's about 15 bubbles and jon jons, 5 seersuckers shorts, a navy Widegon coat (love those sweet things!), and so much more!! I am one happy Mamma!! WE LOVE MRS. JENNIFER!!!

Day 17: Time

supper time!

Day 18: Drink

My day always gets a little better at 2pm! HAPPY HOUR!

Day 19: something I hate to do


Day 20: handwriting

this note was on the kitchen counter waiting for me... LOVE THAT SWEET GIRL!!

Day 21: fave photo of me

i just love this one of me and LK from forever ago. we gave it to chris in an engraved frame that says "My Girls"

Day 22: work

i work on my laptop and ipad. i'm able to log into my computer system from both devices. Oh - and my emails constantly coming to my phone.. which basically mean, i work 24/7!

Ok.. I'll try to not take so long next time! :)

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