Friday, February 17

Night Out!

Last weekend, Chris and I got enjoy a little fun night out with friends! It was LONG overdue!! We had seen Brian and Amanda at a little get together for the Superbowl a few weekends ago, but we hadn't seen anyone else in such a long time!! One of Chris' friends, Chris Miller, has started to play guitar and sing at bars around town. Chris has gone to see him a few times, but I hadn't been yet. So, when we found out that he would be playing Saturday night, we decided to go. Luckily, most of Chris' old buddies were also going. I convinced Amanda to get a sitter and join me!! :)

Amanda and I.. love her!

Paige went to high school with us and now works with Amanda. It was great to see her!

Even Marc came!

Chris' friends from high school! I hadn't seen some of these guys in YEARS! We had a great time catching up with everyone!!
(Chris, Brandon, Miller, Josh, Rob, and Brian)

Amanda and I had a FEW too many whiskey and cokes!! I was definitely feeling it the next day!

Miller playing on stage. He did a GREAT job!!!

We stayed out really late and indulged ourselves a little too much, but it was a great time!! We were definitely in need of a little night out!

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Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Looks like fun!! You ladies look great! :)