Thursday, February 9


This past Saturday we decided to take the kiddos to the Memphis game at the Forum. It was a BLAST! They had never been to a basketball game before, so it was fun for everyone! We dropped Gray off with my mom that morning and then headed downtown. Luckily, the rain held off while we were walking over to the game. We weren’t so lucky leaving the game though!


The first half of the game was rather boring and the Tigers were playing like C-R-A-P! But the second half… oh, the lovely second half… it was BLISS! We had a major comeback from being about 20 pts down at one point and WON! It was down to the final seconds!! It was so exciting! (and this coming from a girl who is NOT a Tiger fan… HOTTY TODDY!!) :)


This is what LK did the entire first half… typical! ha!


Then, we got her nachos and she was happy! (she better be happy after those TEN DOLLAR nachos!!!)


E munched on popcorn!


This is the best smile I could get! ha!



Ethan was awake the entire first half, cheering his little heart out. Go figure, during the most exciting part of the game, he passes out! He slept through all the screaming Tiger fans!



On the way out, we let the kiddos pick out some goodies. Ethan chose some light up blue sunglasses! They blink. Which was quite entertaining on the way home b/c they looked like police lights in the back of the car!


LK wanted a lanyard. They wear ID badges at school and can bring a lanyard of choice. She’s been wanting a Memphis one!


As we were leaving, we walked across the street to see Aunt Lyns. She was hanging out with friends at Silky’s Oyster Bar.

The game was SO much fun!!! We will definitely being going back for more! :) Here’s a few randoms from after LK’s birthday party.




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