Thursday, February 9

Photo - Days 7-9

Still snapping pics!! :)

Day 7: button

one of LK's Crewcuts Cardigans! LOVE those cute little buttons!!

Day 8: sun

it was a cloudy day yesterday, but every now and then the sun would peek through the clouds. i managed to catch it on the way to Kroger!

Day 9: front door

this is our front door! a cute little moss "S" with a burlap ribbon. and i LOVE my dragonfly door knocker that C got me! :)



Rachel Larson said...

Did you make the S? It's adorable!!

The Laney Family said...

yes... did you make the S? how, if so? (p.s.- the clouds look like the profile of a face on the right of the clouds... very cool) ;)

The Smiths said...

Love the S on your front door. Super cute!