Wednesday, February 15

Photo - Day 10-14

Day 10: Self Portrait

on the way to take the boys to school.. glamorous, i know! ;)

Day 11: makes you happy

i scored this adorable shrimp and grits bubble for $20, including mono!!

shoes.. shoes always make me happy! loving these cute new loafers i got!

Day 12: inside my closet

we have TINY east memphis closets! basically wall closets. just warning you, it's a mess and it's cramped!

side 1 - shelves with shoes, hooks with scarves and belts, mostly long sleeved tops with some short sleeved thrown in there b/c our weather is CRAZY!!, and boots on bottom

another view! i usually color coordinate, but it's a mess right now!

side 3 - more shoes, dresses, and jeans

side 2 - pants, some sweaters and cardigans, and a few skirts. i also stack canvas bins here for out of season clothes and sweaters!

above my closet are shelves with all my purse bags and more canvas bins with out of season shoes and clothes. see, we make do with what we have! chris' closet looks just like mine, except smaller.

Day 13: blue


Day 14: heart

this melts mine! :)


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Love from Texas said...

That bubble is my favorite thing on the S&G site right now! How did you get so lucky?? And I need your shoe collection. So cute!