Thursday, October 4

31 days..

I've decided to join in on The Nester's 31 Days series. You can read more about it here.

The topic I've chosen is "Thankful". Each day, I'll record something that I'm thankful for. Whether it big or small.

I've already missed a few days, so I'll catch up on this post and try to post everyday. I'll also upload everything on instagram (nstickles).

I hope you enjoy the fun and maybe even play along! :)

Day 1 - Thankful: car washes.. and overcoming fears!
Gray is scared of car washes.. I mean, screams the entire time. Unfortunately the other day, I was forced to take him through one. Luckily, big sister and big brother were in the car. So, instead of screaming, he rather nervously (and wide eyed) took it all in and realized that in about 30 seconds all the scary monster looking brushes and super loud water will all go away! Such a big boy!
And, my car got clean.
Day 2 - Thankful: McDonalds (backup dinner plan)

When you pull your casserole out of the oven and it's a soupy mess, McD's will always come through for you! Especially at 8pm, past bedtimes, when everyone is screaming they're hungry, and you're the only parent home. Yes, thank you, golden arches, THANK YOU!
Day 3 - Thankful: iPhone cameras
So, you can secretly take pics of all the Lego toys that your child says that he wants Santa to bring! No way would I have remembered all of that until we got home! You know, to report to Santa and all! ;)

Happy October.. and Happy 31 Days!


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Paula said...

Hi there! I will be following your 31 days, and perhaps you'd like to follow mine, as well? We signed up near each other on the The Nester. Good luck!