Monday, October 15

31 Days - Days 6-14

31 days catch up..
Day 6 - Thankful: Ole Miss football
Day 7 - Thankful: sunshine and a sunroof #59degrees #FALL

Day 8 - Thankful: CHHEEEESSEE faces!!!  (I swear - triplets!!! not a single child looks like me!)
Day 9 - Thankful: her love of CUTE shoes

Day 10 - Thankful: a home with closet doors, so that little ones can learn the endless joys of hide and seek
Day 11 - Thankful: Baby Einstein (mama needed 5 quite minutes!!)

Day 12 - Thankful: DADDY IS HOME!!!!!

Day 13 - Thankful: amazing friends (and saying YES to being a bridesmaid!!)
Day 14 - Thankful: headlines #sundaypaper #HOTTYTODDY #proudtobearebel


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Rachel said...

Woooooo GO REBELS! Wasn't it such an awesome game? I am so glad I was there to see our first SEC win in 16 games!!!! So proud of our team!