Thursday, October 11

Pumpkin Painting

Sunday evening, we painted our pumpkins. Well, Lilly Kate and Ethan did. A non-napping Gray had to go to bed instead. He still has his to paint. LK and E had a lot of fun doing theirs though. They turned out pretty cute!!

DSC_0091.NEF     DSC_0094.NEF

DSC_0092.NEF     DSC_0093.NEF

Yes, he’s in his underwear. It was the only sure fire way to insure that no paint ended up on clothing! ;)

DSC_0095.NEF     DSC_0096.NEF

DSC_0097     DSC_0098

Painting is serious business!

DSC_0102.NEF     DSC_0104

DSC_0107.NEF     DSC_0108.NEF

DSC_0110     DSC_0111

Look at that glitter!!


DSC_0114     DSC_0115.NEF


The pumpkins turned out great! They had fun playing with their creativity!

I also finally got around to putting out a few fall decorations! We picked a few up at the pumpkin patch and bought some flowers for our hanging baskets.

DSC_0117     DSC_0118

I absolutely LOVE that sweet owl!


flowers for baskets

DSC_0120     DSC_0121

No porch is complete without some white pumpkins!! And, I’m obsessed with my cotton boll burlee!!


We are SOOO excited for fall!!!

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