Sunday, October 7

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was really laid back around our house. Chris is still out of town and the kids are all fall break next week, so we don’t have any cheer practices and games, or flag football until the end of next week. YAY! Momma needs a break!

I spent Saturday getting a small break. I dropped the kiddos off at Chris’ parent’s house and I went to meet up with my favorite esthetician. LONG overdue!! I managed to squeeze a facial, new hair cut, and a little shopping into my few hours alone. This was the first time that I had been alone in over 2 weeks! Saturday was just what I needed to rejuvenate and NOT lose my mind! ;)

Today, my mom and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch. Well, at least to get a few small pumpkins to paint. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t pass it up! With Chris still out of town, this was really our first chance to do anything “Halloween-y”. I was beginning to feel bad. Seriously, I don’t even have the decorations down from the attic yet! They seemed to really enjoy themselves today though. We still have to get some more pumpkins, but at least I can cross one thing off the list.

DSC_0025.NEF       DSC_0027.NEF

We LOVE the pumpkin patch at 2nd! It’s always our go-to place!


The littlest one LOVED all the pumpkins!!! He kept trying to add more and more to the wheelbarrow to purchase.

DSC_0032.NEF       DSC_0033.NEF

DSC_0034.NEF       DSC_0036.NEF

They all had so much fun!


DSC_0038.NEF       DSC_0039.NEF

DSC_0040.NEF       DSC_0041.NEF



DSC_0047.NEF       DSC_0048.NEF

DSC_0049       DSC_0050.NEF

DSC_0053.NEF       DSC_0055

DSC_0056.NEF       DSC_0058.NEF

DSC_0059.NEF       DSC_0063.NEF

The boys were big helpers getting all the pumpkins to the front.



Our sweet kiddos!!

DSC_0081.NEF       DSC_0084




MeMaw adores her sweet boy.


We had a wonderful time!! We loaded up with lots of pumpkins and a few fall decorations. Now, we’re ready for a big ole fat pumpkin to carve!!

We spent the rest of the evening running to Target, Kroger, and then painting pumpkins! (post to follow…) We did get WONDERFUL news from Daddy though.. he will be home Friday. Only for 1 week, then back out for two more weeks, but HOME! We are SO SO excited!!! (esp Mommy’s nerves, they are extremely thankful!)

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Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

I love pumpkin patch pictures...I heart Fall. Happy to hear your husband is coming home!