Friday, October 26

Baby Reese is on her way!

So, apparently everyone I know is having a baby! ha! On Saturday, October 13th, April’s mother-in-law hosted a baby shower for her and baby Reese. It was great to get everyone together! Reese is going to be such a lucky little sister with big sisters like Addyson and Abigail. (and yes, she has an “A” name too.. she will be Anniston Reese, and go by Reese. PRECIOUS!!) We just love our Caldwell family and are so excited for them to bring another precious little girl into the world. But, seriously, THREE girls!!! And so far, they’re all blonde-haired blue-eyed BEAUTIES! Mr. Caldwell has is work cut out for him! ha! I see him, Chris, and our boys going on QUITE a few hunting/fishing trips in the years to come! haha!

DSC_0027.NEF       DSC_0029.NEF

More babies!!! Good thing we are 200% done having babies or I would have most definitely had baby fever after all this time holding babies!! ;)


My two favorite girls!

DSC_0033.NEF       DSC_0035.NEF


Isn’t April just beaming??!! She’s gorgeous! LOVE my sweet friend!

DSC_0040.NEF       DSC_0041.NEF

She loaded up on some adorable clothes.


DSC_0044.NEF DSC_0048.NEF DSC_0059.NEF




Love these sweet ladies!!!

We cannot wait for Reese to arrive!!

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