Saturday, October 27

Pumpkin People

We finally got around to decorating the kids’ pumpkins. Now, we haven’t carved our big family pumpkin yet, but we let them put their Mr. Potato Head pumpkin decorations on a few. We picked up the Mr. Potato Head décor at Target. Everyone got to pick out the character that the wanted. I was surprised at how cute they were!! (and only $7!) Now, we get to pick out a big pumpkin to carve for the porch!!

DSC_0069       DSC_0070

It took us a few minutes to figure out how to get the pieces in, but Chris got smart and found a grill skewer. It was PERFECT! Just what we needed to create the little holes for the plastic pieces to fit into!

DSC_0072       DSC_0074

It was a lot of hard pushing, but the kiddos helped as much as they could. They loved it!!


DSC_0079       DSC_0081

DSC_0087       DSC_0091



Perfect pumpkin people!!!! Gray was sleeping during most of this, but he woke up just as we were finishing up and was able to create his.

DSC_0105.NEF       DSC_0104.NEF

DSC_0108.NEF DSC_0109.NEF DSC_0110

LK – witch, Gray – skeleton, and Ethan – Dracula


DSC_0116.NEF       DSC_0119.NEF


I just love my babies and their pumpkins!!

We are really looking forward to starting all the Halloween fun this weekend!

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Kayla said...

Cute pumpkins, and kids!! :)