Sunday, January 2

Adios, 2010... Hola, 2011!!

Well, as you can imagine, with me being very pregnant and very sick.. our New Year's was very downplayed this year. (poor chris.. every one of my pregnancies has been over NYE!) We tried to make the most of it though!!

On Thursday, we took the kiddos to the Children's Mueseum for their annual New Year's Eve at Noon Celebration. It was a BLAST!!! Now, dont get me wrong, there were WAY too many kids there! ha! And I did think I was going to lose my cool a few times, but all in all it was a great time! They had several crafts tables set up for the kiddos to make things from masks to poppers. And even had a NYE countdown at Noon in the middle of their Times Square exhibit and a fun band for the kids right after. We stayed for several hours and I'm pretty sure that the kiddos loved it!

LK LOVED these girls!!

Times Square!!

as you can tell.. she's a little excited about her new baby sibling!


At noon, they released balloons, beads and all sorts of party favors! It was a little chaotic for a minute or two! ;)

watching the band perform

LK and Daddy dancing!

he wanted to look like mommy! (just for the record.. i am NOT that big.. YET! ha!)

On Friday, we just took it easy and did things around the house. We ended up going to dinner as a family and then invited the Caldwell's over for snacks and the countdown. We have DEFINITELY changed our NYE routine over the past few years! ha! Hopefully next year I can convince someone to babysit so poor Chris can have a night out on the town! ;) We had a great time with April, Chris, Addyson and Baby Abigail though! It's always so great to get together with them!

chocolate fondue!

Huck was just waiting for someone to drop something!!

Ice Cream Sundaes too!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!!


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Jacqueline said...

Looks like you all had fun!!! I miss you!! :)