Friday, April 8

My own version of Mr. Mom!

Sorry for no baby post this week! I'll try to do a double post next week. Although, nothing has really changed all that much! ha! I'm just huge.. that's all! ;) This week has been.. well.. crazy! I definitely felt as though I was living my own personal version of Mr. Mom (which is one of mine and LK's faves, btw!).

It started off Monday with tornadoes. I. HATE. TORNADOES!!! Seriously! They hit around noon and literally scared the mess out of me! The worst part.. both kids were in school. It's not easy knowing that something so scary is going on and you can't have you hands and eyes on both of your babies and KNOW that they are ok! Especially since East Memphis was hit really hard and that's where both kids go to school. My anixety only worsened as I was trying to get to both schools and traffic lights were out, there were trees on top of houses (in our neighboorhood!) and both kid's schools had HUGE trees that had fallen VERY close to them! Ethan's school had all the kids go down to the basement and LK did the typical "Elementary School Tornado Pose" in the hallway. I have to admit, that it was humorous to hear her decribe it to me! ;) I am so happy to say that our house was one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood and we escaped with no damage, but we were out of electricity for several hours. Luckily, the generator saved our food in the fridge!! (you know you're getting old when you're worried about the food in your fridge!! ha!) Crews have been out all week cutting down trees, removing branches and restoring power. Talk about scary!

Wednesday, both kiddos stayed home from school for coughs and runny noses. Allergies have officially set in at the Stickles House! So, that afternoon, I had to take both to the doctor (which took us almost TWO hours!!). They both have antibiotics for sinus infections and have been put on daily Zyrtec for allergies. Unfotunately, they both have inherited the Smith Family (my side!) sinus problem!! :( SOO... $200 later (after co-pays and medicines!).. we had missed the repairmen that we schedule to come and were completely exhausted from being at the doctor all day! Not to mention that while I was there, I was told that I would be getting a $115 bill for Ethan's dermabond!!! YIKES!! Apparently, it goes against our deductible so insurance won't pay for it! Oh Yes! $155 for a cut toe!! Is this what life with boys is going to be like????? How in the world will I be able to pay for food and medical bills for TWO of them!! Looks like Mommy may need to start working full time again! ha!

Thursday, we managed to get everyone to and from school .. no tornadoes.. no sickness (thank the Lord! They better be 120% better after the small fortune I spent!).. only to come home to all the repairmen that we had missed the day before. SO.. I am happy to report that our TV is working properly. (some kind of issue with the bulbs.. that was FREE! thank goodness!) but it looks like we need a new toilet for the kid's bathroom. I love East Memphis, but older homes are sometimes just plain a pain in the rear! After Chris got home and all the repairmen left, we called in a pizza order and all went to bed a little early! I think everyone in the house (including Huck!) was asleep by 9:30!

Wow!! SO glad that this week is over!! We have lots of fun stuff planned for this weekend and are really looking forward to it! :)



Neely said...

Crazy week for the Stickles!

Love from Texas said...

Yuck. We're starting hate this month too... Taxes, all our insurance is due, $300 garage repair, tuition, $360 ER bill for Knox, and having to replace my phone all in the same week. I'm over it :-/

...Glad you braved Memphis Spring Storm 2011 though!