Sunday, April 24

It was a Good Friday, Indeed!

Friday turned out to be such a busy day! I was exhausted by the end of the night.. but it was SO worth it! We had a GREAT day! It was so nice to have LK home with us all day.

We started the morning off by heading downtown for a birthday party. A little boy in Ethan's class was having his 4th birthday party at the Fire Museum. I had never been there before (LK has been a few times) and was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was! It's alot like the Children's Museum in that the kiddos could run around and play on the fire equipment and trucks. They had a lot of fun things for them to do. Upstairs they also have a "fire simulation" room for bigger kids, but we didn't go up there. It was fun to see all the boys playing together outside of school, and even more fun to have "mommy talk" with all Moms. Ususally we're just passing each other in the hallway, so it was nice to actually get to sit and chat. After playtime in the "play" area, we went over to the party room for cake, snacks, gifts AND a firetruck pinata! I called Chris as we were leaving and told him that we definitely have to have Ethan's 5th birthday there! (We did a big party at the Children's Museum for LK's 5th, so E has to have the same!)

 The talking horse!

After the party, we headed straight to my Dad and my brother, Nathan's, work for lunch. It was Nathan's 22nd Birthday, so the entire family was coming for lunch! Dad ordered in some absoluely delicious BBQ! The kids had so much fun hanging out with Uncle Nathan and Grandpa! And, of course, there was MORE cake.. Ethan was a happy kid! ;)

 LK and the Birthday Boy!

 The kiddos and Grandpa

 Nathan and Dad work for a company that repairs and sells gaming equipment. They had a blast playing with all the video games! It was a like a huge playroom for them! And, of course, Uncle Nathan had even more fun showing them how to play them all!

 Nathan and our step brother, Jamie

Once we finally left lunch, we headed home for naps. Unfortunately, I didn't get to get one! :( I immediately had to start getting ready for my evening out! Yes, I said out... as in no husband and no kids! That definitely doesn't happen very often these days! ha!

A few weeks ago, a booked a paint party for an early Mother's Day gift for the Moms and Grandmothers. We decided to do it early since May and June with be ridiculous packed with weddings and baby get-togethers. So, as soon as Chris got home from work, I went to go pick up dinner for everyone and headed to Germantown for the party. (We booked ours with Art & Soul.. I definitely recommend them!) Brittany brought wine for everyone who could drink it.. I was extremely jealous! ha! I decided to pick up Chick-Fil-A. I was going to get Commissary, but since my dad had done BBQ earlier in the day, I decided not too. (And when I called, they were extremely busy for Easter weekend!) I think everyone enjoyed the trays though! The wraps were yummy!

 WOW! Looking MIGHTY pregnant these days!!! YIKES!

 Sally ended up not being able to attend. (She was at the lake.. lucky!) So, Lyns had to paint an extra for her!

 Everyone had a great time chatting and catching up. Most of the talk was either about Baby Gray or Brittany's upcoming wedding! I think it was a great idea for Mother's Day! It was so much fun!!! And trust me.. I am no Picasso and surprisingly my painting turned out pretty well! The instructor was VERY good! ha!

We had SO much fun!! I've already signed LK up for a kid's paint day and can not wait to go back myself!

After I left the party, I had to go by Target to pick up the last of the goodies for the kid's Easter baskets. Which, of course, led to me about buying out the baby section! (Exactly why I'm not allowed to go to Target by myself! ha!) Then, I came home and literally passed out! The rest of the weekend was just as busy! I will post all out Easter soon! :)


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