Thursday, April 28

Saturday Eggstravaganza!

We had such a fun day on Saturday! We all got up and going to head to 2nd Pres for the egg hunt! Several of Ethan's school friends were there. The Caldwells even came in from Jackson to go with us. It was such a great time! They started off with singing and a quick "sermon" of sorts about what Easter is all about! The Youth Pastor did a great job!! After that, It was on to hunt eggs!! Unfortunately, they did all the age groups at the same time, so I was only able to get pics of E. I think Chris got some of LK on his phone though, so when I get those, I'll post! :) It was EXTREMELY hot though!! Not to mention that we were on the PDS turfgrass football field, so the sun was just beaming off of it!

waiting to hunt his eggs!

 tons and tons of eggs!!

my baby is getting SO big!!! (and she sure makes pink look good!) ;)

they had several bounce houses and slides for the kiddos.. along with Chick-Fil-A!

Sweet Addyson and her baby, Sam.. they matched!

April and I put the dads on swing duty so we could chat!

After the egg hunt, The Caldwells came back to our house for lunch and more play time for the kiddos. LK LOVED getting to love all over Baby Abigail! Poor thing... she really wanted a baby sister!

After the egg hunt and our visit, we took quick naps and then headed to my Mom's for Easter supper. We decided to do it on Saturday this year, so that Sunday wasn't so crazy busy! It was a great idea!! Mom cooked a delish supper and even make an adorable bunny cake for the kids. And, of course, she had plenty of goodies for the kiddos!!

After supper at Mom's, we came back home to dye eggs. Grams came over too!! Poor Ethan was so tired that he didn't want to participate, but later changed his mind. This year they picked out a tie dye set and the eggs really did turn out cute!

Huck didn't know what to think of the eggs.

She took her tie dying VERY seriously!

E finally decided to join! Poor guy was half asleep!

After that it was straight to bed for an even busier Easter Sunday!! Saturday was a blast!! We came home with ridiculous amounts of candy. (which was definitely thrown out after a few pieces were indulged! no cavities in this house!!)



Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

Natasha said...

haha--GREAT weekend!! oh how i love all that pastel for easter ;)