Sunday, April 10

Redbirds Game!!

Saturday night we took the kiddos to a Memphis Redbirds game! It was opening weekend and we had a blast!!! We can't wait to go to even more games this summer. We didn't make it until the end of the game to see the fireworks, but I dont think they really minded all that much! ;)

I have to apologize.. these pictures are COMPLETELY out of order!!! I switched to the updated editor b/c I was having issues with the old one and I haven't really figured it out yet... so until then, you get out of order pics! ;)

 Chris taught the kids "The Wave".. the loved it!

 LK braved the ride! Her face was hilarious to watch!!

 E was a little Pro at the batting cage!! Not to mention, he is definitely getting good at his switch hitting skills!! Daddy was SO proud! ;)

 My little baseball player!! Just like his Uncle Ricky! ;)

The weather was absolutely PERFECT for an evening game! I swear, I could have fallen asleep on the bluff!


We had SO much fun!! A word to the wise though... DO NOT EVER let your kids play in the play area!!! Parents were letting their kids run wild and there were no park employees there to keep watch. Within 15 minutes, I saw two different kids break bones!!! YIKES! Needless to say, after that, we immediately made our kids come down and we went to a different area!

That, really, is about the only exciting thing we did this weekend. Chris had to work Saturday, so the kids and Huck played in the backyard while I cleaned the house up. Today, Chris did yard work and I went to Kroger, Target and Whole Foods for weekly groceries. The next few weekends are going to be VERY busy, so we tried to take it easy as much as possible.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :)


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