Thursday, April 28

28 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 weeks and 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained 5 more lbs. So, 20lbs total. Still pretty good! MUCH better than my 40+ with Ethan! ha!

Maternity Clothes: Yes.. Pretty much everything now. My belly is just REALLY big. It seems like all 20lbs have gone straight to Gray.

Best Moment this week: I love getting to feel Gray move around.

Gender: It's A Boy - Gray Davis Stickles

Movement: Lots and lots of movement!

Food Craving: Not too much.. still alot of carbs and fruit.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly and sleeping through the night!

Sleep: It's ok. I wake up alot to use the restroom. And i'm just plain uncomfortable these days.

What I am looking forward to: Pics with Candice on Saturday!!

Belly Button: Sometimes in, sometimes out.. depending on how he's laying. I'm sure it'll be completely out very soon!

Symptoms: I actually got a call from my OB on Monday and found out that I failed my glucose test miserably! I was shocked!! I've been feeling fine and really have been eating healthy, so I thought for sure that I would pass. I just barely passed with LK and failed with Ethan. She said that I failed the 1hr so poorly that I dont even have to take the 3hr b/c there's no point! YIKES! So, they immediately just scheduled me to see a High Risk Specialist on Monday to do an ultrasound and teach me how to use diabetic equipment. So... looks like I will dieting and testing my blood sugar throughout the day! :(



p.e.v. said...

New reader/follower and I love your blog! You look great though! Good luck with the appointment! That's so scary but will be so beneficial in the long run!

Neely said...

So cute!