Monday, April 11

Checking It Off The List..

Well, my list of Baby Necessities is quickly getting marked off one by one..

This past weekend, I was able to run by Target and stock up on hooded towels and washcloths. I even picked up a few outfits that were on Clearance! The mailman and FedEx truck have been frequent visitors lately with baby items galore (and a few happys for the big brother and big sister!). I am pretty well stocked up on cute clothes and odds n ends! Except for onesies and burp cloths (I still have to monogram those! SLACKER! ha!)...

I was also able to cross a few "big ticket" items off the list as well..

 I am SO excited.. this beauty is now resting in Gray's crib, just waiting for me to fill it up with goodies!!! It is HUGE! So many pockets and a matching changing pad. Adorable!

 Maclaren Easy Traveler.. I got a greal deal online .. 15% off for this must-have!

 I did splurge a little on this one.. Bumbleride Flite! I fell IN LOVE with it!! I was orginially going to get the Maclaren Quest, but then saw this! I just had to have it! I didn't get the bassinet add-on, b/c I figured it would get much use since I have the easy traveler. So, that saved about $100! It's shipping from Bumbleride, so we wont have it for a few more weeks. I can't wait though!!

We also FINALLY decided on an Infant Car Seat. Luckily, we saved both of Ethan's Eddie Bauer convertible ones and we'll of course save his booster seats when he's done (he's in those now!) so, we just needed an infant seat. You know me.. I want simple and basic! Nothing with designs!! ha! Chris and I went back and forth on a few of them, but ultimately just decided on this simple and clean one. (AND it was about $60 cheaper online than it was in-store!) Nothing beats a Graco, in my opinion! It's sure to fit in my easy traveler and works for just about any car seat cover on ETSY! :)

I can not tell you the relief it is to finally get some of those big items checked off the list! Sure, buying clothes, shoes and burp cloths is fun! But you dont really feel like you've accomplished anything until there is a car seat in your car just waiting for a baby and you know that you still dont have a $200+ stroller purchase looming in your future! ;)


Neely said...

Love the tote!

Cassie & Joey said...

You will love your bumbleride! I know I love mine And not sure if you know this but they have carseat covers to match te stroller :)

Abbey said...

LOVE the diaper bag/tote!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

that is the cutest diaper bag I have ever seen!