Monday, April 18

Laid Back Weekend!

Well, we didn't do much this past weekend. We had alot of fun things planned, but that really didn't work out. (nothing new around here!) Unfortunately, Chris came down with strep throat on Thursday and spent most of Thursday, Friday and the weekend in bed. We did venture out on Friday night to go eat at Genghis Grill. They just opened a new one on Poplar and it was super yummy! I will say though that next time Chris and I will most definitely go by ourselves. The kids loved it and ate it all up, but it was a little stressful getting their food and ours all at once.. not to mention that it was really busy! Luckily, they do online ordering though and it's literally right down the street, so we might try that next time! After dinner, I had to run by Macy's for some make-up, then it was back home for everyone to rest after the long week.

On Saturday, we had every intention of going to the Blue and Grey Game at Memphis (the football program's Spring Scrimmage) and to also try out the new playground at Shelby Farms. Unfortunately, Chris was still under the weather AND it was a little too chilly to be playing outside! So, we ran a few errands, went and got haircuts and I actually got caught up on some sewing and monogramming! We also went to the flea market and got a few "treasures"! ;)

 One of the highlights of the weekend, was getting Gray's carseat and stroller!! They were waiting on the front porch for us on Friday after dinner! I LOVE them!!!

 Ethan had a great time playing with them and giving Alvin a stroll around the living room!

 I can not wait to see my sweet boy in these!!!

On Sunday, we did all the grocery shopping early that morning (after donuts!!) so that we could go to Nana and Pawpaw's for Pawpaw's Birthday cookout! We spent the entire afternoon there and the kids had a great time playing! I'm not sure who had more fun... the kids or Pawpaw! :) Chris and Papa cooked delicious hamburgers and hotdogs. We had so much fun!!


 They had so much playing with bubbles and waterguns and baseball!!

 Poor Chris.. he still felt AWFUL!!!

 E and Paxton had a great time playing together!

 Pax singing Happy Birthday to his Daddy and Pawpaw!

All in all a great laidback weekend! Hopefully, everyone will be feeling MUCH better this weekend! We are looking forward to some fun activites on Friday and all the Easter fun Saturday and Sunday!Photobucket

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Lea Liz said...

Your kids are just adorable!

Love the new stroller for that sweet baby boy!! Love the car seat and stroller idea, next baby I may just do that too instead of having a big travel system!!