Monday, June 20

Father's Day Weekend {2011}

I have to say that we had a pretty great Father's Day Weekend! It was super busy, but we enjoyed every minute of it! We started off the weekend with dinner and errands on Friday night, which turned into a certain newly 4yr old coming home with his very own BIG BOY bow and arrow set!! He has been wanting a real one for forever (to be just like Uncle Ricky) and we finally gave in and got one for him as his birthday gift. I think I'm still in a little shock that I actually let Chris purchase it! My baby.. with such a big boy toy.. SAD! I dont think I've ever seen him smile so big though and he's already itching to go to Uncle Ricky's house to practicing shooting the "fake deer"! ha!

Look at that smile!!
Of course, the boys had to try it out as soon as they got home. There's no telling what our neighbors were thinking!!

We spent most of Saturday morning doing housework. I've been desperately trying to finish household chores before Gray comes. So, while Chris and E did yard work, I got busy doing some hard cleaning! I got to the baseboards, the windows, the blinds.. you know, all the stuff that doesn't get done weekly. It was long overdue and I'm not confident that Gray wont have an allergy attack from all the built up dust when he comes home! ha! ;) I also got around to cleaning the hardwood floors and they are SO pretty and sparkly!! If anyone needs a good floor cleaner for real hardwood, I highly recommend that Orange Glo Cleaning system.. it really does work!! 

I cleaned out LK's closet and let me tell you.. Addyson is going to be one well dressed little girl when she can fit into a size 5/6!! I dont know how many J.Crew, Gap and Lilly Pulitzer outfits I put in a bag for her! It almost just made me sick to my stomach thinking about how much money was spent on her clothes that she probably only wore.. OH... ONCE! Oh well! (and no doubt, guess what I did today.. I was back on the J.Crew website stocking her back up with essentials!! Seriously.. I have issues!) ;)

After we were finished we headed to Lowe's for some items that we needed and also to let Daddy go on a little tool shopping spree! He technically already got his big gift a few months ago (the kayak), but we still wanted to get him a little happy.. so new tools it was! He was a happy man!

Sunday, LK and I had a special day.. I know, I know.. it was Father's Day, but SOMEONE (ME!) bought tickets to Beauty & The Beast and didn't realize that it was Father's Day! OOPS!! Luckily, Chris didn't mind and we agreed to meet downtown for dinner after the show. LK was SO excited! She's been to the Orpheum to see movies before, but never a Broadway show. I was SO happy to take her! April and Addyson went with us and we all had a great time.
My baby is getting so grown-up!

I officially woke up Sunday morning with swollen feet! HELLO 36 weeks!! I seriously have not been swollen up to this point, so it was a little devastating. I no longer have normal toes or ankles.. I have big puffy marshmallow toes and ankles. They are SO attractive, I assure you!

The girls absolutely LOVED the performance! It was so good!! I've seen it before and loved it, so I just knew that they would enjoy it.

After the show, we met Chris and Ethan for dinner. We decided to go to Flying Fish b/c the kids always enjoy it and they have crawfish & oyster platters for Chris. It was, of course, delish! After dinner we made a stop at YoLo when we got back to East Memphis... YUMMY!!

Enjoying his oysters!

We really had a great weekend and Chris really enjoyed all his Father's Day goodies! Now we are just counting down the days till Gray decides to come! The "To Do" list is dwindling down and we are so ready for him!! I think everyone was exhausted on Sunday night though!! As Huck can show you....

Today we got an early start to drop LK off at her summer camp at The Racquet Club! She looked adorable and was very excited!! Of course she had to get a new tote bag (I think I may have passed down my handbag obsession! YIKES!!) and new outfits. She had a really great time though and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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