Monday, June 13

A Weekend FULL of birthday parties!!

What a weekend we had!! My sweet little man turned four years old and Sally turned the big FIVE-O!!

We started out on Friday night with a family cookout at my Mom's for Sally's birthday. It was great to get everyone together and Big Daddy's steaks were DELISH! The kiddos and I took naps for most of the afternoon when they got home from VBS, so we were well rested the get together.

Before we went to MeMaw's, we drove by Sally's house to take a look at her yard.. Mom and Ricky had it "flamingo-ed"! It was waiting for her after work.

Best Friends for 30 years!

We woke up Saturday to celebrate the big man's b-day! He got to have his breakfast of choice.. donuts and chick-fil-a.. what a combo! Then he and Chris headed off to the golf tournament. While they were at the tourney, LK and I met up with Mom for a little shopping and lunch.

My handsome boys! LOVE THEM!

My precious FOUR YEAR OLD!!!

Saturday night was Sally's surprise party! She had NO idea!!! Mom and Ricky had worked so hard on it and it went off without a hitch.

Sunday was party #2 of the weekend! We didn't do anything big for E's party this year. We just had family over for snacks and swimming. LK's party was also very low key with family only, so I promised both of them that next year would be MUCH more extravagant!! B-Day's are a big deal to me and I always like to make their day very special, so I hated that morning sickness got in the way of LK's and the terrible end of pregnancy got in the way of E's... next year will be MUCH better!!

I still tried to make it as fun as possible for him though and found these super cute invites! He LOVES them!!

Yes.. that is my child.. DIVING!!! Can you believe it??! He also does front flips and back flips! I think I need to start a special account just for future ER visits! AHHH! ;)

LK picked out a #4 sparkler instead of a candle.. E didn't quite know what to do with it. It really was cute though! 

He tried to blow it out and couldn't understand why it wasn't going out

He got so many gifts and it stocked up on all superheroes!! Happy boy!


Yummy cupcakes!

Daddy smushed a cupcake in his face, so he had to get him back!

Someone had a FABULOUS birthday!!!

It was so hot that I just had to get in the water!

We had such a fun time! I think that Ethan and Sally both enjoyed their birthday weekends! I definitely had enough activity and heat for a while though and will most definitely be keeping myself inside this week! ;)


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Neely said...

I know Ive said it before but your kiddos are the cutest! Im glad Ethan had such a great bday!