Monday, June 6

It's a heatwave...

Good Gracious.. I know it gets hot in Memphis (and I mean HOT!) but let me just tell you that it's only the first week of June and the heat index is over 100 degrees!!! WOW! Between the heat and the humidity, I haven't even wanted to step outside. So, other than some pool time.. that's exactly what we've done!

Both kids are out of school for the regular semeters and are starting their summer activities today. I have them completely booked up for the month of June!! Luckily, Ethan's school does a summer session that will keep him busy during the day and LK is signed up for a ballet camp, an art camp AND a camp at the Racquet Club. Not to mention they both have Vacation Bible School this week! Ethan is also doing a Little Gym class that starts next week. So.. I am basically a taxi driver this month! They are really looking forward to all their fun things that we have planned. I figured that the month of July we would all be stuck at home with a newborn Gray, so I wanted to make June as fun as possible for them.

I dont have many pics today, so here are just some off my phone.

We watching Gnomeo and Juliet the other night.. very cute movie!!

Both kiddos have decided that they want kayaks, like Daddy. LK chose this pink one..

and E liked this one. Maybe Santa can make that happen??! ;)

I thought this was too cute. After a long afternoon of swimming, Chris and Ethan vegged out on the couch with cartoons and gummy worms. Hilarious!

And I've honestly done alot of this lately.. between being almost 9mo pregnant and the ridiculous heat, I am one tired lady!! Huck doesn't leave my side though. My sweet boy! He knows something is going on with me, but I think he's in for a rude awakening when we bring home a new baby! I'm not so sure that he's ready to give up his late night cuddling in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Funny story: We've always referred to Huck as another child in our family. The kids call him their brother and we call ourselves his Mommy and Daddy... never really thought about it. Well, last week Ethan was asking questions about when the baby was coming out of my tummy and whatnot. He asked who's tummy his Daddy was in, so I told him Noni's. Then he said to me, "Yeah, b/c Me, Sister and Huck were in YOUR tummy"! Ummmm... talk about scrambling for a good answer! ha! I told him that puppies had "1st" Mommys and "Forever" Mommys and that Huck's 1st Mommy had him in her tummy with all of his 1st brothers and sisters.. then he came to live with us and we became his "Forever Family". I think he bought it.. maybe??! ha! Luckily, by the time I get the entire answer out, he's moved on to something else! :)

Ok.. I promise that I'll do a real post soon. Our computer decided to crash.. UGH! Luckily, one of the sweet moms of one of my little preschoolers is a computer GENIOUS and was able to completely fix it and back up all the info onto my external drive. (and for not a bad price! - if you ever need any computer work, email me and I'll send you her info!!) Thank goodness we didn't have to scramble and buy a new laptop right now! I think Chris was ready to have a heartattack!!

I hope y'all are staying cool in this heat!


Neely said...

thats a great answer!

Kristen said...

The picture of your hubs and Ethan is too sweet!

Great answer on the Huck question :-)

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Huck snuggles just like Mable! Jared and Chris' fraternity brother Ben Stapp is the tennis pro at the Raquet Club and is running all the camps. All her camps sound like so much fun. Ya'll are one busy family!