Monday, June 27

Occupying our days..

We really haven't been up to much around our house lately. I've been feeling more and more tired everyday.. not to mention that I am NOT sleeping! AT ALL! It's terrible! Hopefully Gray will be here very soon!!!! We've been doing alot of last minute household projects that we wanted/needed to get completed before G makes his appearance and Chris has been so wonderful to indulge me in crossing things off my never ending list. Bless that sweet man! I've also been busy finishing up the last of my newborn embroidery projects.. just 2 more onesies and 2 more bibs!

We've really been trying to keep the kiddos entertained as much as possible and spend a lot of time with them before bringing home a new sibling. Chris and Ethan finally got around to building a bird house kit that E got for Christmas. Grams got him a set from Lowe's that included real power tools and a kit to build. He's been begging for a while now, so Chris finally sat down with him to do it. It was adorable to watch. Ethan was so attentive to what Chris was doing.

 Chris explaining to him the fine art of NOT hammering someone's fingers! ;)

He was SO happy!! Now they just have to paint it!! E, of course, picked out royal blue and white craft paint!

 The other day I took them to Michael's and let them pick out lots of art and craft supplies to keep them busy after Gray comes. I think we were in the store for over an hour!! That's just too much temptation for small children! ha! They got lots of great things though and are already having fun with it all!

This is just random, but was hilarious... nothing better than a mix of Batman, Darth Vadar and Robin Hood!

This past weekend we really did nothing! More house stuff and cleaning. I am happy report though that we are about 99% ready for Gray! Chris and E did yard work Saturday morning while LK and I did inside chores. I caught a glimpse of C showing E how to mow the yard.. precious!

After the grass was mowed, it was time to give Huck a bath..

We are all ready for our new baby brother! The house is ridiculously clean, Huck is smelling fresh and looking fluffy and all our projects are now complete! I've been lying on the couch or in bed for the past few days b/c my energy level is non-existant and the kiddos have been enjoying swimming at Noni and Papa's. Chris even got to hang out with a bunch of friends Saturday night to hear another friend's band. I will try to do my 37 (FULL TERM!! YAY!!) post tomorrow and finally reveal the completed boys' room.

Hopefully we'll be doing a "Welcome Gray" post in the next week or so!!


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Neely said...

Hoping you have that baby soon!