Thursday, June 30

One Busy Mama..

Here are some of the sweet things I've been working on for Baby Gray! I still have a few more onesies and bibs to complete, but those are kind of on the back burner right now so I can make sure that I have everything else ready to go for him.

I absolutely loved making these sweet layette bibs for him! He's going to look precious! I didn't get a picture but I added the sweetest blue sailboat buttons to them.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these gowns!! Newborn gowns have to be one of my most favorite things on Earth! These turned out just wonderful! I ordered these and the plain white bibs (top picture) from a "blanks" site online. (the onesies are Target brand and the burp cloths are the nice, thick Gerber ones also from Target)

I'll try to share more as I do more for him. I was lucky enough to be given an entire set (0-3, 3-6,6-9, 12mo) of onesies, so as he grows I'll be able to make him some adorable things!



Jenny said...

I love it all! You did such a great job.. that little baby is going to look too cute!

Ben and Emily said...

Those are precious! You did such a great job!!

Ali Grace@Ali Grace Fashions and Trends said...

Beautifully done! Love it!

The Matthews' Family said...

Can you tell me which sewing machine you use?

~Lindsey said...

Girl, I didn't even know you had another one on the way! Congrats!! And I must say... I REALLY love the name Gray, especially since it's spelled w/ an A instead of an E. Your blog is adorable. Love all the stuff you've made for Gray. You're a talented little momma. Anyway, you now have a new blog follower. Look forward to keeping up w/ the Stickles fam. Come check my blog out if you're ever bored!! The address is: