Thursday, June 9


YAY for a fixed computer!!! C and I have spent the last few nights getting everything reinstalled and transfered back over. Finally complete! We are SO thankful that it was able to be repaired!!

So, I uploaded the few pics that were on my camera.. not much, but some.

Last Saturday, Chris and I went to a wedding. It was gorgeous! Laura and Zach were married a Methodist church down the street from our house and had their reception at the Botanic Gardens. It couldn't have been more perfect. Laura and my sister, Lynsey, have been friends for as long as I can remember, so it was almost as if my own sister was getting married. Lyns looked amazing in her bridesmaid dress and, of course, Laura was stunning. I was able to squeeze myself into a dress (and wear heels!!) and received many compliments on both the dress and the fact that I was still out and about at 8+ mo pregnant! ha!

 We had a great time!! There wasn't any late night dancing on the dance floor (chris was terrified that it would put me into labor! ha!) but we still managed to really enjoy ourselves!

My favorite part of the wedding... the photobooth!!! How cute is this??!! Hotshots Photobooth was set up and it was so fun! This is such a great memento from the wedding for the Bride and Groom and also a wedding favor for guests!

I also snapped a few pictures of the kiddos this week. They've really been enjoying VBS!! They came home Monday with info on a missions project that they're trying to raise money for this week. It's for wheelchairs for children in Kazakhastan, so we've been letting do little chores around the house to earn the money to donate. We want them to know that they have to work hard to earn something and that Mommy & Daddy aren't just going to hand it over to them at the drop of a hat. (ok.. ok.. i know this usually happens, but we're trying REALLY hard this time to set a good example! ha!) So, they're learning the true meaning of what it's like to sacrafice part of yourself for the good of others. I am completely impressed with the way they've responded. They have really embraced their chores and look forward to doing them everyday. So far, they've been able to give their VBS classes almost $10 each!

Loving their VBS t-shirts!!

Other than that, not much has been going on around here. I went for my 34 week checkup yesterday (yes, I know I haven't done a baby post in forever!! sorry!!) and Gray looks perfect! He's slowed down his little growth spurt a little.. he's now 5lbs 6oz, just a few ounces above average. I got to see his sweet little face on the 4-D ultrasound and he's a spitting image of Ethan! Wow.. two handsome Stickles boys.. I am in T.R.O.U.B.L.E!!! Now, we're just in a waiting game.. I'm hoping to make it through till the end of the month (37 weeks) and then the doctor promised to deliver me around the 4th. I am thrilled to finally have him here!! (and have the end in sight!!)

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Neely said...

I love that pic of yall from the wedding!

Ben and Emily said...

You look great! The photo both pictures are too fun!

Glad you and baby Gray are doing well!

Kelly said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of Baby Gray. He'll be here before you know it!