Saturday, June 18

we are LOVIN' summer!!!

We are really enjoying summer break!! So far we've had VBS and this week LK had her art camp. She LOVED it!!! Ethan also started his weekly Little Gym class. We've done TLG for several years now and the kiddos always enjoy it so much. It's such a great summer activity!!

LK did art camp a the place in Germantown where we did our Mother's Day girl's night. I konw I'm biased, but my baby is one talented little lady!! :) They went Mon, Wed and Fri and did a different painting every day. She's already ready to go back! I think we may have to do a b-day party there for her next year!!


and a giraffe! How stinkin' cute are those??!!

We've also been catching up on all doctors and dentists appointments! I want to get it all out of the way before Gray arrives. My little man had a GREAT 4yr old checkup and is 100% healtly (and VERY tall!) Dr. Lana is very excited to be seeing us again in a few weeks when Gray comes.. she is a wonderful pediatrician!

Since it's SO EXTREMELY HOT outside.. I've been trying to find more indoor activities for the kiddos to do. I think we're going to make a Target trip this weekend for more board games and puzzles. I'm trying to keep them away from the TV, Netflix, Wii and computer as much as possible. We do 1hr a day.. MAX.. usually only morning cartoons! (i like to only do 30min, but I'll be honest.. 9mo pregnancy is getting to me and I'm giving in more!) So, Ethan picked out this awesome Superman puzzle the other day and they had a blast getting it put together. I was proud of them too.. it was hard!

So far a GREAT summer!! Next week LK has a camp at The Racquet Club and she's very excited about.. although I'm not too sure if she's excited about the camp itself or the fact that she gets to wear cute tennis skirts everyday??! HMMMM!!!! ;) So, this weekend we're off to buy her her very own tennis racquet and racquetball racquet for camp.. Chris is thrilled about spending money on something she's only going to use.. OH.. ONCE! ha! ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!



Neely said...

Aww so glad y'all are having a great summer!

Love from Texas said...

Awww I'd hang those paintings in my kids bathroom in a heartbeat! How cute.