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Disney: Day 5/Special Activities

I’m picking back up on the Disney posts! I left off telling you all about our day in Hollywood Studios. We picked up on Day 5 with another visit to the Magic Kingdom. Everyone I had talked to had said to definitely plan two days for Magic Kingdom. I am SO glad they told me that and that I listened!!! It definitely took two days to fully enjoy it!

I plan to blog about the entire day, but I wanted to start off with the most exciting part of the day… well, maybe the entire trip!

MONTHS before the trip, I booked special activities for both LK and E. I had heard that Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and The Pirates League were both “must do’s” while in Disney. So, I called and scheduled both for our last day in the parks. They were beyond excited about this!!! While in Downtown Disney, LK got to pick out any princess dress she wanted for her day. She chose Alice and was adorable!! I was quite impressed with her decision.. doing her own thing and not following the crowd! (that’s my girl!!) Ethan got to pick out some pirate gear from the gift shop outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. So, around noon on that day, Chris and the boys went off to get Ethan all “pirated” up, while LK and I made our way over to Cinderella’s Castle to the boutique. Yes.. it’s inside Cinderella’s Castle.. how amazing is THAT!

1070       1069

The Entrance



She sat down in her chair and was READY!! They got to pick out their hairstyle, nail color of choice, and make up colors. She was in heaven!!

1105    1104    1108

Getting pampered, princess style!


1112       1114


When they were finished, they sprinkled “Fairy Dust” on them while saying “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”. The girls were told to make a special wish!



One last touch up and then she got her sash.


Seeing herself for the first time!! The chairs were turned away from the mirrors while they were getting fixed up, so it was always a fun surprise to see each girl turned around to see themselves.


This was one of the best moments of the entire trip. Her sweet face was priceless!



Inside the boutique

After LK was finished, we headed over to the Pirate League. It was located outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I was hoping to get to see Ethan experience his special day too! Luckily, we made it just as he was getting started. The only part I missed was where hey get their pirate names. They have a fun way of doing it! They have an old wooden spinning contraption that has numbered dice. The kids spin it several times, then pick a number. Then, they go to an old pirate book of names (everything looks very old, very vintage, and VERY pirate-y). They go to their birth month (Ethan is June) to get their first name, then use the number they picked to get their second name. Ethan’s pirate name is Jeremiah Blackhawk!! It was perfect!

Then, it was his turn to turn into Jeremiah!!

1129       1130

check out that face paint!!! he LOVED it!!!

1136       1138


next up, was his bandana, pirate hat, and OF COURSE a gold earring!!!


look at my sweet Jeremiah!

1150       1151

When they were all finished, they said their Pirate Oath and Jeremiah was officially a pirate!




He then got to pick out his sword, knife, and sash! He was SO excited!!


The Pirates League


Seriously…. BEST TIME AT DISNEY!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful both special adventures were! Completely worth every single penny!!! We will never get  these precious moments back. One day (VERY soon from now!) they will be grown and “too cool” for childish things like this. But, I know that they will look back on these times and remember all the fun they had! Disney is only “magical” for a short period of time and we wanted to make the most out of every second. I just knew that we had to do these special things with them to make memories of a lifetime!!

Thank goodness I made reservations when I did, b/c we had several people stop and ask us when we made them. Apparently, they had waited till they got to the parks and found out that both activities were booked up about 4 months in advance! WOW!!!

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