Friday, April 13

Blue/Gray Game 2012

After Ethan’s 2nd soccer game, we decided to head down to Tiger Lane to attend the annual University of Memphis Blue/Gray Spring Scrimmage. The kids always love attending sporting events and the weather was incredible!! I hadn’t been to Tiger Lane since it opened and I was quite impressed with it! For a girl who’s used to Saturdays in the Grove.. that’s saying a lot! ;)


We definitely had to stop to see the tiger!

DSC_0108       DSC_0110

Bounce houses galore!! This entertained the kids for a good hour


Even though it was very hot and very sunny, Gray seemed to really enjoy himself. (and he looked MIGHTY cute in his Memphis jersey!!!)



My cute little Memphis fans in their blue and gray!


Since they have Tiger Lane now, the team walks down the middle toward the stadium. It reminded me of the Walk of Champions in Oxford! The kids LOVED it!



You can bet that Ethan was the child that was doing FRONT FLIPS the entire way down the slide!!! People were amazed that he didn’t break a limb! OH BOY!!



DSC_0147       DSC_0152

Little man had a ball playing in the grass!!


Apparently, all it takes is grass, football, and the smell of barbeque to get a baby to move up to actual crawling instead of army crawling!! I got a video but it wouldn’t upload.. I’m going to keep trying!


Once he got up on all fours, there was no stopping him!


He loved bouncing!!


After playing on Tiger Lane for about an hour, Chris took LK and E into the game. Gray fell asleep in the stroller and was in desperate need of some shade, so I stayed in the car with him. I put the back seat up, covered it in blankets, cranked the AC to high, and let him snooze away! I read some of a book on the iPad. I think we both enjoyed ourselves!!


DSC_0194       DSC_0199

We had a great time!! SOOOOO ready for football season!!!!

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Sidekick said...

I 've been reading your blog for a few months now. I love your pics and love seeing a bit of Memphis (I grew up there.)

I was wondering what kind of camera you use and what editing software you like (if you use it).