Wednesday, April 11

soccer season is under way!

Ethan is playing soccer again! He really didn’t enjoy it last year, but he wanted to give it another shot. This year seems to be MUCH better!! He’s playing at his school so he has lots of friends on the fields with him. I don’t really think that soccer is going to be a sport that he’ll stick with, but at least he’s trying it out and giving it his best!! His coach seems to be very knowledgeable about soccer and is extremely patient with the kids. His first game was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Chris had to go out of town for 8 days for work, so he had to miss it. We were sure and took LOTS of pics for him though and everyone else in the family came to support Ethan!


Our first game was at 2pm, so we grabbed lunch before. Believe it or not, we made it there EARLY! I was shocked that I got three kids somewhere by myself and wasn’t running late!! ha!

DSC_0002       DSC_0005

He is great at kicking the ball! He’s just not very aggressive during all the action. I think the hoard of kids going after the ball intimidates him a little! ha! I think he’ll like a sport with a little less contact! We have high hopes for t-ball in a few weeks!! :)


DSC_0023       DSC_0024

Everyone in the family came to watch him play!





He did a great job!!

DSC_0038       DSC_0039


DSC_0046       DSC_0047

My sweet little soccer player!





His team won!! His coach sends the best emails after the games:

“Portugal took the field @ 2:00 this past Saturday with hopes of victory and fun over viva La Mexico on a beautiful Memphis spring afternoon. In a hard fought battle over  8 minute quarters Portugal took a 1 -0 lead on a well orchestrated goal from Anna L in the 14th minute. It was her first “tally” of the season. Mexico fought back to tie the game at 1-1 in the 3rd quarter before Henry Z scored his first goal of the season in the 23rd minute to put us back into the lead 2-1. Mac A iced the game 3-1 with his first notch of the season in 30th minute. Portugal is off to a 1 and 0 record.


This was the one he sent after the first game! LOVE it!!



getting some pointers from Daddy!



Unfortunately, we lost our second game. It was still a great game though! Even better that Daddy was able to come to this one!

“Portugal met Spain on a moist, bright and warm spring morning last Saturday in an epic battle. Unfortunately Spain and its 40,000,000 population was able to overcome its smaller western neighbor of Portugal, population 10,000,000, and triumphed 4-2. We hope to improve our play on the pitch for our next match. Portugoooaalll stands at 1 and 1 for the season.


We didn’t have a game last weekend, since it was Easter, but we pick back up this coming up Saturday! So far, we are having a great time!!!

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