Friday, April 20

The VERY LAST Disney Post!!

I know what you're thinking... "Yeah, Right... last post.. sure!" But, really... it is! I promise! :) I just had a few leftover phone pics and videos to share with you and then I am completely done with DW!

Sweet Boy riding the carousel! He LOVED it!!!

LK and E on Splash Mountain!


Gray and I slept on the way home! The man sitting next to us told me that I had the most well-behaved baby he's ever been around! I'm sure he was extremely nervous sitting next to a mom and newborn on a flight! ha!

We bought some goodies for Addyson and Abigail as a Thank You for letting us stay with them before we left. Addyson spent a day with us over Spring Break when we got back, so we were able to give them to her then. She was so happy!! Although, I'm sure an actual trip to Disney World would have been MUCH better!! ha!

Here's a few videos!

Ethan's Jedi Training

LK's Jedi Training

I took this during the "meteor shower" at T-Rex.


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