Tuesday, April 10

Disney: Day 6/Jedi Training

Day 6 started extremely bright and early! When we went to Hollywood Studios on Day 4, we had immediately gone to the Jedi Training area to get Ethan signed up. However, we quickly found out that you have to be there RIGHT when they open the gates to get signed up. The guy working gave us all the details and told us when to come back. Since we had breakfast reservations the next morning, that meant that meant that we would have to try our best to do it on the day that we were scheduled to fly home. Let’s just say that we were pushing our time limits to the extreme!

Chris, LK, and Ethan woke up at the crack of dawn and hopped on the first bus headed to Hollywood Studios. They were there at 8am, waiting for the gates to open at 8:45!! When they got there, Chris called and said that there were already TONS of people there waiting! As soon as the gates were opened, they made a mad dash to get to the sign up area!! The first “show” was at 9:20. It was 20 min long. Our Disney Express bus to take us back to the airport was picking us all up at 11am, so they HAD to get in that first show if they had any chance of doing it!!! Considering that this was the main thing that Ethan came to DW to do… we had to give it our best shot! Luckily, that amazing worker gave us all the correct info a few days before, so Chris was able to get them both signed up in the LAST TWO slots for the first show!!! Talk about having luck on your side!!! Chris and I were both saying silent prayers all morning that Ethan would be able to do this. He had his heart set on it and we just knew how devastated he would be if he wouldn’t be able to. I seriously think that his entire trip would have been ruined. Thank goodness that everything worked out!! I was SOOO worried! I just knew when Chris called that he was going to tell me that they had missed it. I was so pleasantly surprised when he told me that they got it! I was even more surprised to hear that LK had decided that she wanted to do it also! Who knew my girl was a Star Wars fan in hiding??! ;)

While they were at Hollywood, Gray and I stayed behind to pack and get ready to catch the bus. Since we were already cutting it so close to make our flight, I knew that there would be no way that both Chris and I would be able to go. I volunteered to stay behind while Chris took them. Although, I gave him STRICT camera instructions!! ha! Between all the pics he took and the videos that he got on his phone, I felt like I was right there with them!! He did a GREAT job!! He was definitely Super Dad that morning! It’s amazing the things that you’ll do for your kids to make them happy!!! It was SO worth all the hassle and lack of sleep that we got! THOSE SMILES WERE THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!


I had to laugh when I saw this picture.. this was how I looked every day of the trip.. Camera and phone in hand, snapping pics!!

pic_0008-001       pic_0017

While they were waiting for their show time, they had fun on some of the Star Wars photo ops!


Can you tell how excited he is??!!

pic_0040     pic_0052

getting his Jedi Robe!



They were given their light sabers and had a “training session”! Luckily, they put LK and E right across from each other so Chris was able to get both of them in one pic!




BEST MOMENT of Ethan’s trip!!!


pic_0123       pic_0130



Finally the training session was over and Darth Vader came out to face the new Padwans!

pic_0156     pic_0158

Ethan took Darth on like a pro! You could definitely tell that his years of studying the Star Wars movies paid off! He knew exactly what to do!!

pic_0164       pic_0166

LK did GREAT!!! She defeated Darth very quickly!! My girl kicked butt! ;)


All the Padwans defeated Darth Vader and sent him on his way!!


All the new Jedi Masters!

I can’t even tell you how happy Ethan was! I definitely know that this experience is one that he will remember for the rest of his life. Same with LK when she met Alice… those were the moments that completely made our entire trip! Like I said.. yes, we ran around like crazy parents, we woke up at the crack of dawn, we sprinted across acres of theme park, we spent every penny we had available… ALL COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! I wouldn’t have spent one less penny, or taken away one second of our time there!! My heart is forever happy with all the smiles and laughs that I got experience that week! I am blessed to have been able to experience this with my precious children.

As soon as they were done, they caught the bus and headed back to the resort. Gray and I got everything packed up and called for bell services to pick up our luggage. The gang got to the room right as our luggage was being picked up and we were all able to head down to the lobby together. Perfect timing!! Right before we left, we dropped Mickey Mouse post cards in the mail to all of our kiddo friends back in Memphis! We told them that Mickey Mouse sends them big hugs and hellos! What kid doesn’t love mail.. especially mail from Disney World! Then, it was time to head to the airport!


pic_0205       pic_0208


On the plane, headed HOME!!! We missed our 4 legged family member and needed some Huck love ASAP!


6 days of being a trooper!!! He was AMAZING the entire time!!! He slept the entire plane ride home (Mommy did too!)

We landed in Nashville and immediately hopped in the car toward Memphis! We were all exhausted!

Disney was such an incredible, magical time! We had to laugh because everyone there, from restaurant workers, to characters, to grounds maintenance ended their conversation with you by saying “Have a magical day!” After a few times of hearing this, it started to get annoying (Chris still says it to me to annoy me! ha!).. but it’s true! You are bound to have a magical day at Disney World! We had a VERY magical 6 days!!

I have a few more random Disney posts, but this is the last of our daily posts. Disney in a nutshell, my friends! :) I hope you enjoyed the journey!


Kathryn Reynolds said...

Ethan looks like a legitimate Jedi. Seriously!

The Smiths said...

After reading all your Disney posts, it really makes me miss Disney World. I look forward to taking our family someday soon.

PS. I nominated you for a blog award over on my blog. Check out my latest blog post. :-)