Thursday, April 12


When I was FINALLY going through pics to do posts, I realized that I had a ton of random pics that I had snapped. So.. this is completely a mish mash of pictures and text, but enjoyable none the less!


First up… the slipcover!! Remember this post? Well, those much anticipated slipcovers finally came in and I couldn’t be happier! They look WONDERFUL!! The color is almost exactly the same as we had before.

DSC_0152     DSC_0153     DSC_0156

Bath time in the Stickles house is always a fun time!!!


Gray is EVERYWHERE and often finds himself stuck in places that he has squeezed himself into!

DSC_0065   DSC_0066 

DSC_0068   DSC_0067

A few weeks ago, one of my absolute favorite children’s clothing site was in town having a warehouse sale. I couldn’t help but stop by and stock up on some essentials! I got several fall outfits for fall and a few short sets for Ethan for summer. Now, that he’s getting older, he refuses to wear jon jons, so I’ve been stocking up on smocked t-shirts and shorts. I want to keep him “little boy” as long as possible! Once he’s in Kindergarten, I’ll give up on the smocking!! ha!


Chris was out of town for about 8 days for work. I was completely surprised when these showed up at my doorstep!!!! I absolutely LOVE my husband!!!


The company I work for is moving to a new location, so my office has been relocated to my kitchen! Normally, I am able to log into my work computer from my laptop at home. But since we didn’t have an office for a few weeks (waiting on our new one to be completed), I had to have somewhere for my office computer to go… so, my computer and our company server had to come to my house! It’s been interesting to say the least! Organization has gone completely out of the window and it’s driving me insane!!!

DSC_0080    DSC_0079    DSC_0083

My sweet little man!


Someone LOVES his big brother’s toys!!!

Taking pics of the boys can be quite tricky these days.. no one likes to sit still!!!

DSC_0207     DSC_0211

sweet man in one of his Easter bubbles before MDO! I had to use the basketball as a prop to get him to stay still!


see what I mean?!

DSC_0222     DSC_0218     DSC_0223

If I ask Ethan to smile, this is what I get!!!!

DSC_0226     DSC_0228

CLIMBING over each other!! After this, I just gave up!


Easter egg hunt at school!!! How sweet are they?! :)

DSC_0236     DSC_0238


My sweet men! Love them to pieces!

DSC_0252     DSC_0254

Family fun time!!! Evenings get crazy around here! ;)

DSC_0255     DSC_0256


I am ONE LUCKY mama!!


more climbing! he never stops!!!


Melts my heart!!! They are the best of friends!

OK… I think that’s all for now! I promise to get all caught up one of these days!


The Smiths said...

Love all the pictures. Your children are adorable!

Rachel Larson said...

Your kids are SO DARN CUTE! Gray has the sweetest smile ever!

Love from Texas said...

Precious pictures! I love the one of the boys in their polos and LOVE those sweet collarded shirts you got for Gray!