Monday, April 9

Disney: Day 5/Magic Kingdom.. Again!

Day 5 was a big day!! It was our last full day there and our 2nd day in the Magic Kingdom.

We started the day with breakfast at Chef Mickey. Several people had told me that this was by far the best character meal. They were right!! It was so much fun!! We rode the bus over to the Magic Kingdom, then walked over to the Contemporary Resort. The food was pretty yummy… just about any breakfast item you could think of! Ethan’s favorite was the breakfast pizza (which we have started to make home just for him!!). We got to see our favorite characters up close and personal one last time!



LK looked precious in her sweet Minnie Mouse dress!


Mickey waffles!!! We had waited ALL week for these and they were completely worth it!! DELISH!


MICKEY MOUSE!!! We LOVE the big mouse!

935   937   940   941

944       948

Goofy stopped next and played peek-a-boo with Gray! He got the biggest giggle out of this!!

950       951



957     966     965

Everyone now and then they would stop and sing and dance with the kids!! SOOO much fun!


G loved the princess pen! Chris was ecstatic about this! ha!

970     973

PLUTO!!! Gray’s favorite!!!

977     980

983     985

Sweet Minnie!


last but not least.. the #1 duck!


996     1000

Breakfast was great and was the perfect “last meal” of our trip!

After breakfast, we decided to ride the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. It’s only a short walk, but we knew that the kiddos would want to ride it one last time before we left. We got into the park just as it was opening early for the Magic Hours. There was NO ONE there!!! It was awesome!


As soon as we walked in, we heard “Trolley Song” start playing. One of LK’s favorite movies is Meet Me In St. Louis, so she immediately recognized the song and started singing along. Then, she noticed the trolley coming down Main Street!!! She was SO excited. She probably would have jumped on board if we hadn’t made them scoot back to let it go by. ha!

Since no one was really there yet, we were able to get on a few of the bigger rides and not have to wait in line. We immediately headed over to Splash Mountain. I was surprised that both kiddos wanted to ride!! But, I guess after Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain is a walk in the park! :)


There we are!! (Ethan is in the middle!)


Going down the mountain!!! LK was TERRIFIED!!

1032     1035

Next up was Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Another fave among all the little kids and we didn’t have to wait at all!

1041     1046

We all climbed up into the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. The view from the top was incredible!


We saw Jack!!

1051  1052  1054

We managed to ride several rides before the park started filling up!! After riding a few rides, we got ready for our special activities. (I blogged about those here) We ate lunch at Casey’s Corner and had YUMMY Chicago hot dogs!!



As LK and I were heading to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, we ran into Alice!!! It was such an incredible moment! Alice was SO excited to see a little Alice!


1078     1082


They chatted for several minutes and even talked to the flowers and butterflies.


LK, Alice, and the White Rabbit



SO SO Precious… Memories in the making!

After we met back up, we went over to TomorrowLand to finish up the last few rides in the park.


We went to the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.. SO cute!!

1178       11811179

Space Orbiter! LK was too funny.. she got to ride in her own rocket but would NOT go up high!! haha!




Then, we got to meet Buzz Lightyear!





Buzz was so cool that he had a stamp to sign the autograph books!

1204     1207

LK and I stopped and watched the Dreams Come True stage show!

1216     1218



The show had Mickey, Minnie, and gang.. Princesses.. Peter Pan, Wendy, Smee, and Hook.. as well as, Malificent from Sleeping Beauty! (LK’s arch nemesis!)

1237     1241

1250     1257

1258     1264


1277     1281



1312     1314





We managed to catch the show during the day and then catch it again at night!


After dinner, we had perfect timing and managed to get a GREAT spot for the Electrical Parade!! I remember watching this when I was little girl and loved it! I just knew that we couldn’t miss it!


1337     1339

1351     1366

1376     1381

1387     1393

1398     1402

After the parade, we got to see the night time fireworks. The were incredible!! We had a great view of them over the castle.


I just had to share this with you.. Ethan LOVED Splash Mountain!!! He and Chris went back later in the day and rode it again. HILARIOUS!

We had a wonderful last full day at Disney World. We were able to finish up all of the things that we wanted to do. I am SO thankful that everyone told me to plan two days for MK.. there is no way that we could have squeezed it all into one day and been satisfied with it. Disney is such a magical place and I truly a magical place and I think that we definitely made the most of the magic on our last day! :)

After fireworks, it was time to call it a night and get ready for a VERY BUSY morning on Day 6 and then our plane ride back home!

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